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uno de los mejores posts que he leído

este man es el famoso caricaturista de dilbert, scott adams. lo que no saben es que el tiene el mismo vicio que cholo, alejo, anamá y el resto de nosotros, le dedica un poquito de su tiempo a mantener un blog, sólo que a él lo leen como 50,000 personas en promedio. espero que les guste.

Top the Cynic

from The Dilbert Blog by Scott Adams

Nothing bugs me more than when someone is more cynical than I am. I generally try to occupy the upper limit of cynicism just short of where the kooky conspiracy theory people get their mail. So when I see huge numbers of people eclipse me in that area, I know it’s time to recalibrate.

The viewpoint that has me doubting the sufficiency of my cynicism is the notion that the war in Iraq is primarily to profit American oil companies, military manufacturers and of course Halliburton. As a professional cynic, I LOVE that idea. I want to believe it. But you have to help me connect the dots.

For example, are there actual meetings where the oil barons and the Whitehouse staff sit around sipping brandy and smoking cigars and deciding to kill a million people so they can finally afford nice things? If so, how does that conversation go?

Oil Baron 1: “Let’s start a war and kill a million people so I can afford a new boat.”

Oil Baron 2: “You already have a boat with its own helicopter pad, football stadium, and whore house.”

Oil Baron 1: “That thing is a year old! It embarrasses me.”

Oil Baron 3: “Didn’t your brother-in-law just join the National Guard? He might get killed if we start a war.”

Oil Baron 1: “Are you even listening to me? I said my boat is way too old!!!”

Or is it more of a subtle thing where everyone acts in ways that will lead to war and line their pockets, but in their own minds the blame for war is spread so evenly that they don’t feel any personal guilt?

Oil Baron 1: “Well, let’s see, there were about 1,000 of us top industrialists who caused this war, and 1,000,000 people died, so that’s only 1,000 deaths on each of our hands.”

Oil Baron 2: “That’s not so bad. I almost worked for a tobacco company.”

And I wonder why I’ve never met anyone in person who is that evil. I’ve met plenty of psychos, assholes, narcissists, pigs, sluts, maniacs, drug addicts – you name it. All of the other personality defects you can imagine are abundant. But not once have I been in a conversation with someone who said, “You know, I’d be willing to kill a million men, women, and children if the money was good.”

But I suppose that’s the sort of thought you’d keep to yourself.

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aLeJo dijo...

Aguante Scott Thomas!! aparte de que el tipo se manda cada genialidad con Dilbert&Co., acaba de recuperar su voz, la cual perdió gracias a un transtorno neuronal... es el Quino de los gringos, ja ja.

gabriela dijo...

eso mismo alejo, el muchacho tiene esa discapacidad, pero toma unas medicinas para poder hablar, al menos, lo suficiente como para llevar una vida medio normal. es uno de los bloogers más visitados en la web gringa y tiene miles de seguidores (entre los cuales me incluyo). es tan fino el cabrón que mis frases en el messenger casi siempre las tomo de él. este post me pareció demasiado cómico y cínico, como nos gusta!